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A Truer Connection Between Business and Social Needs

Our networks expand the innovative capacity of the economy, making possible entirely new business models and creative solutions to address the world’s unmet environmental and social needs.

A Truer Connection Between Business and Social Needs
Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam on creating shared
value in health care.

Verizon has always been a company built for the long term. We build networks that provide an infrastructure for economic growth. Our products are the glue for the relationships that make society possible. We invest in the human and intellectual capital that keeps our company strong and competitive, and throughout our long history our employees have contributed to the public good of the communities we serve.

Now a new technological era is creating fresh opportunities for us to deepen the connection between our business interests and those of the society. By reinventing our networks around mobility, broadband and global connectivity, we are expanding the innovative capacity of the economy, making possible entirely new business models and creative solutions for addressing the world’s unmet environmental and social needs. We can now solve problems in ways not possible before, bringing the transformational power of technology and innovation to the most fundamental needs of our customers and communities.

This is, at its heart, a growth strategy — one that opens new markets for Verizon and creates sustainable long-term value for shareowners as well as stakeholders. In 2011, we formalized this strategy for creating business and social value under the mantle of “Shared Success,” a term that derives from the Verizon Credo.

Our Shared Success strategy has three broad goals in solutions, service/philanthropy, and sustainability. In 2012, we are focused on deploying energy and health care solutions that generate new revenue for Verizon while increasing energy efficiency and improving health care quality for our customers and communities. We will develop measures to track both the business and social value of our efforts. With respect to business value, we will track market penetration and revenue growth in the energy and health care sectors. For social value, we will develop measures for increased awareness and efficiency for our energy solutions and for increased access, reduced costs and improved care in the health care sector.

Through this broad and deep commitment to Shared Success, we aim to integrate this approach throughout our business, bringing this ethic to bear on all our decisions — from the products we sell to the markets we enter, from the technology we develop to the grants we make in the community — in the belief that creating a healthy, sustainable society is the surest path to creating a healthy, sustainable business.

Shared Solutions

Leverage the transformational power of our networks, technology and people to create long-term business value while addressing critical unmet needs of our communities in smart energy and health care.

Shared Service/

Align our philanthropic assets domestically and internationally to deliver shared solutions in education, health care and sustainability to our communities.

Shared Sustainability

Lead our industry by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain and by facilitating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

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