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Domestic Violence Prevention

“Violence against women and girls is a global public health problem. Early exposure to violence has life-long health consequences. But the good news? The problem is a preventable one.”— Dr. James Mercy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Domestic Violence Prevention
We're funding programs in New York State to help domestic violence survivors start small businesses.

Stopping Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects nearly one in four women, one in seven men and more than three million children. The World Health Organization calls it an important public health problem that requires the involvement of many sectors working together at community, national and international levels. Verizon's goal is to increase awareness of domestic violence and its repercussions, engage men and young people in the issue and lend our resources and technology to help victims and their families. In 2011, the Verizon Foundation contributed $10 million for domestic violence prevention grants. And in total, Verizon has contributed more than $39 million in support of domestic violence prevention issues to date.

Education, Awareness and Prevention

  • To engage men and teens in helping end domestic violence, the Verizon Foundation partnered with the NFL Players Association and A Call to Men to provide domestic violence prevention training and information to teenagers in the association's "Training Camp for Life" program. In 2011, more than 2,500 students participated in camps help across the country. A satellite media tour reached nearly 11.2 million viewers.
  • This year, the Verizon Foundation has teamed up with sportscaster James Brown to conduct a national campaign promoting respect and equality in an effort to end domestic violence.
  • Telling Amy’s Story” is a gripping film about Amy McGee, a young Pennsylvania mother -- and Verizon employee -- who was killed by her abusive husband. Since 2010, the Verizon-funded documentary has been a catalyst to raise awareness and open discussion. It has aired on 384 local public television stations. Verizon has also held 67 screenings of the documentary attended by 3,073 employees.
  • In New York State, Verizon will fund entrepreneurship training programs for survivors of domestic violence. In consultation with the state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, programs in five cities will provide training and support to help survivors start a small business.

Verizon HopeLine Continues Setting Records

Verizon's HopeLine collects no-longer-used wireless phones, batteries and accessories in any condition from any service provider to donate to those in need. To date, Verizon has collected more than 8.9 million mobile phones for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

in 2011, for the fifth consecutive year, Verizon collected more than 1 million no-longer-used wireless phones through our HopeLine phone recycling and reuse program, keeping the devices out of landfills and turning them into support for domestic violence survivors.

At the end of 2011, 29,020 HopeLine phones were in service nationwide, a 14.3% increase over 2010. The phones include 87.1 million free minutes of wireless service. Verizon also gave more than $4.2 million in cash grants to nearly 450 domestic violence prevention and awareness programs across the country.

HopeLine Metrics
  2009 2010 2011
Phones collected 1,100,000 1,102,000 1,043,000
Phones refurbished 927,000 955,000 930,000
Phones recycled 173,000 147,000 113,000
Phones donated to shelters 23,000 25,000 29,000
Cash donated from HopeLine $1,587,000 $2,179,000 $4,206,000


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