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Verizon Wireless Harmonizing with Consert

We see a growing market for smart technologies that unite the producers and consumers of energy into a single, dynamic energy ecosystem.

Verizon Wireless Harmonizing with Consert

Verizon Wireless participated in a pilot program in Texas in 2011 in which electric utility customers allowed the power company to turn up their thermostat in hot weather and to lower it in cold weather. While residents and small businesses didn’t notice much difference,  smart energy management means a significant difference when it comes to utility bills and prudent use of energy.

Running the program was Consert, Inc., a company that provides intelligent load management for utilities. Consert turned to Verizon for  reliable, real-time wireless communications  between the customer’s premises and the electric company.

By partnering  on these “smart grid” projects -- in which electric utilities have greater control over their networks --  we’re helping communities address pressing concerns about energy usage, while positioning ourselves as a key solutions provider in the market.

In Texas, Consert recruited volunteers who allowed the company to install load monitoring and control equipment on heat and air conditioning systems, water heaters, pool pumps and other major energy-consuming devices.

As part of the process, customers allowed the utility to remotely cycle their devices off for brief periods during times of peak demand. Tests run during the extremes of cold and heat in Texas reported no changes in comfort levels for the volunteers.

The speed of Verizon’s 4G LTE network  and the service we provide is a competitive advantage for companies like Consert in this growing field.

The CEO of the local utility said the success of the pilot program shows enormous potential for the utility and consumers and could enable the company to avoid power outages in the future.

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