Corporate Responsibility


Verizon’s technology is making the energy ecosystem smarter—from cars and homes to appliances and trash bins.

Energy Management
These homes are equipped with advanced energy monitoring systems to cut energy bills and reduce carbon footprint.

Finding New Solutions to
Environmental Challenges

Verizon information communications technology has helped customers reduce CO2 emissions through smart grid, smart building, transportation and travel substitutions.

  • Total gross CO2 reduction enabled by Verizon in 2013 was between 12.25 and 16.03 metric tons
  • Savings represents up to one-third of a percent of total U.S. annual carbon emissions
  • The CO2 reduced is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from approximately 3 million cars
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Monitor the Performance of a
Vehicle Fleet

Verizon has moved into the fast lane of telematics with an advanced vehicle fleet-management service. NetworkFleet can remotely monitor engine conditions and emissions.

  • One customer helped cut fuel use by 10 percent
  • One customer improved driver safety and saved significantly on fuel costs
  • One customer reduced emissions and increased revenue and service calls
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Smarter Waste Collection
and Recycling

Verizon partnered with BigBelly Solar to wirelessly connect its self-compacting trash receptacles to give city crews real-time data, resulting in just-in-time trash collection.

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Smarter Waste Collection and Recycling
Boston University has transformed their public space waste and recycling operation with BigBelly Solar's wirelessly connected self-compacting trash receptacles.

Manage Home Energy Use from Afar

Our 4G LTE wireless high-speed Internet service helped ThinkEco to reduce air conditioner energy consumption in a New York City trial.

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Manage Home Energy Use from Afar
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