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Platform for Good – New Revolutionary Online Safety Tool for Families and Educators

September 11, 2012

It just got easier for families and educators to maneuver the digital world responsibly.  Verizon is pleased to support a new interactive website connecting families and educators with instant online safety resources – The Family Online Safety Institute’s Platform for Good

Platform for Good is an online repository for best in class online safety tips, tools and expert advice. The site focuses on the positive power of the Internet, and empowers families to connect, share, and do good online.   Resources include engaging and informative blogs, videos, inspiring social media content, polls, quizzes and more.

Verizon is committed to equipping families with the tools and educational resources needed to maximize their digital experience.  Verizon does this through a unique approach to online safety that: 

  • Prepares families to integrate technology into their lives with the help of global experts
  • Prevents safety risks and challenges by using technology to safeguard customers
  • Protects families providing access to a suite of parental controls across wireless, online and TV platforms

Platform for Good complements Verizon’s “Prepare and Prevent” focus in the way it empowers families through resources, builds a community around digital responsibility and focuses on the positive power of the Internet. 

For more information on Verizon’s online safety activities visit:


Expert advice for parents about online risks


Strong privacy policies against the threat of data theft


Parental controls for wireless, online and TV

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