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Speeches and Essays on Shared Value

Learn how we see our role as a vital contributor to society and the world.

Speech Transcripts

Improving STEM Education Through Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

February 7, 2013: Rose Stuckey Kirk's opening remarks to the VILS Virtual Conference outlines the Verizon Innovative Learning School initiative and its role in promoting education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Shared Success: Corporate Values in Action

September 15, 2011: Get a transcript of Kathryn Brown's Berges Lecture Series speech at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College Of Business. She speaks on the concept of creating shared value and the need to rethink what is expected of American business. (8 page PDF) A video of the speech is available on the Berges Lecture Series website.

Babson College: Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future

March 31, 2011: Verizon's approach to creating shared value as it is applied to environmental sustainability. (6 page PDF)

Conference Board: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability

June 17, 2010: How Verizon builds sustainability into complex business systems. (4 page PDF)

Boston College

April 13, 2010: Closing keynote address at the 2010 International Corporate Citizenship Conference on the need for an ethical compass in American business. (7 page PDF)

Essays and Blog Posts

US Ignite: Using Ultrafast Networks to Catalyze Social Innovation

June 15, 2012: A new public-private initiative will showcase how next-generation applications built to operate on ultrafast networks can transform what is possible for American science institutions, businesses, and families.

Creating Shared Value in Health Care

April 18, 2012: CEO Lowell McAdam lays out the challenges to improving the U.S. health care system. The key is putting the health care consumer in the center of this new generation of technology.

How Investing in Our Networks Can Create Shared Value

February 1, 2012: New wireless spectrum and massive upgrades to our networks provide rocket fuel for innovation. But what can we see coming from ubiquitous high-speed data networks?

On Rosabeth Moss Kanter's "How Great Companies Think Differently"

December 2, 2011: We're using Kanter's "institutional logic" — the framework of values that define a great company and give it purpose — to keep us on track to build broad social value.

Personal Integrity and Creating Long-Term Value

October 6, 2011: Building a career that creates long-term sustainable value takes more than one person's guts and good will. It takes the support of a business culture geared toward creating business and social value and rooted in a sense of stewardship and trust.

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